As part of the anniversary «300 Years of the Principality of Liechtenstein», this major exhibition establishes a dialogue between artworks from different collections.

The Princely Collections contain superb works of European art spanning five centuries, paintings and sculptures from the early Renaissance to Austrian Romanticism. The collection of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is devoted to modernist art and particularly to international contemporary art, with the holdings of the Hilti Art Foundation as well as the Batliner Collection featuring outstanding works from classical modernism to contemporary art.

As part of the anniversary celebrations for «300 Years of the Principality of Liechtenstein», Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is devoting a major show to this thematic link, to be elaborated jointly with the Princely Collections of Liechtenstein. Centred around a number of main themes, the aim is to establish a living dialogue between selected works from all of the collections, so as to allow visitors to experience what is set to be an extraordinary event: a dialogue between masterpieces from different centuries based upon questions that moved and continue to move artists and people in general at all times.

The exhibition is curated by Johann Kräftner, Director of the Princely Collections, Friedemann Malsch, Director of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, and Christiane Meyer-Stoll, Curator and Member of the Executive Board of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. Main sponsor of the show is the LGT Bank AG, Vaduz.

  • Opening
  • Thu, 19.9.2019
  • Guided tours
  • Thu, 26.9.2019