23 January – 15 March 2015

Donation of the Gerda Techow Collection

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Bäume über Sandweg, 1913
Gerda Techow already donated two paintings by the German expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner to the Liechtenstein State Art Collection in 1988. Techow’s entire collection is now to be donated to Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein by the GERDA TECHOW GEMEINNÜTZIGE STIFTUNG, Vaduz.

The paintings and watercolours are all from the period between 1880 and 1930, i.e. the period of modernist and avantgarde art. They represent an excellent addition to the Kunstmuseum’s holdings, expanding its collection in the field of classical modernism.

To mark this donation, all artworks from the Techow collection will be showcased in a special presentation in the Seitenlichtsaal. A publication documenting all of the works is also being published.
Supporting events:
 Sunday, 1 February 2015, 11 – 12 h   One Hour

Wie durch perlmuttrige Nebel irisierende Farbe   

Expressionist works
with Robin Hemmer