People have been leaving their mark on forests in Liechtenstein for hundreds of years.

Be it the major clearances in the early Middle Ages or the reclamation of land for our current cultivated Alpine landscape, people have always been involved. With the aid of various maps and historical photographs, the show demonstrates how people have "planned" our forests and defined our landscape.

Schaan/Planken Forestry Service
The Schaan/Planken Forestry Service manages the forests of the municipalities of Schaan and Planken and the Alpgenossenschaften (Alpine Cooperatives) Guschg and Gritsch. The Forestry Service employs one forester, five forest wardens, and a trainee. Its tasks include forest care, preservation and utilisation based on statutory regulations and ensuring close-to-nature, sustainable silviculture. In addition, the Forestry Service is active in environmental protection, biodiversity promotion, and landscape protection for the municipality of Schaan. 

Vaduz Forestry Service
The Municipality of Vaduz Forestry Service is responsible for the forests of the municipality, the citizens' cooperative, the Alpgenossenschaft (Alpine Cooperative) Vaduz, and the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein. The Forestry Service consists of a team of five whose tasks include maintaining, preserving and utilising the forest in line with statutory regulations and close-to-nature silviculture. Forests are maintained on the necessary scale so that they can fulfil their function of protection, welfare, conservation and utilisation in a lasting, sustainable manner.

Project space 'Parliament of Plants'
17 July 2020–17 January 2021

As part of the exhibition Parliament of Plants, the admission-free 'Seitenlichtsaal' is conceived as a changing, growing "project space". It links the immediate outside world with questions of art and will enablemeetings between a wide range of scientific and artistic-poetic approaches to and perspectives on the plant kingdom.

A production of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Christiane Meyer-Stoll with Annett Höland, co-curator of the project space.