Bill Bollinger, mit Pipe Piece (Newsweek), 1968_150x100.jpg
04 February – 08 May 2011   


The Retrospective

This exhibition of the radical plastic oeuvre of the American artist Bill Bollinger (1939-1988), who almost slipped into obscurity, is the first of its kind since the 1970s.  

Jimmy Durham, Alpine Substance on Wolfsburg Construction, 2007_510x340.jpg
27 May – 04 September 2011   


The collection 'migros museum für gegenwartskunst', Zurich

The collection of the migros museum of contemporary art visits Vaduz  

Max Bill, UVA Lampe, 1951_510x340.jpg
30 September 2011 – 15 January 2012   


Unbounding and Crossing Over as Art

The exhibition ‚Example Switzerland’ presents selected works of space-oriented art from Switzerland, including installations, paintings, drawings, photographs and objects, arranged in an open parcours.  

Otto Zitko, oT, 1959_510x340.jpg
28 October 2011 – 26 February 2012   

The Mezzanin Collection   

A Selection

For the first time, the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is inviting the public-at-large to enjoy a selection of exemplary works from the Mezzanine Collection.  

Presentations from the collection of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Steven Parrino, Spin-Out-Vortex, 2000_510x340.jpg
10 March – 13 June 2011   

Rising with a Sun   

Light is the key to Rising with a Sun, a presentation of works from the collection. The focus is on the sun as a motif and the untold ways in which natural and artificial light can be perceived in a room.  

05_Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Bergbach mit Steg im Wald, 1921_510_340.jpg
10 March – 09 October 2011   


Shady and sunny paths. Steep, rough or smooth paths. Lonely or convivial. Paths to internalization. Paths to a new departure. Paths to freedom. Paths looking backwards, paths pointing forwards. Paths in life.  

07_Francois Morellet, Lunatique nonly Nr7, 1988_510x340.jpg
30 June – 09 October 2011   


Breaking Out: going beyond the familiar, pushing through boundaries, boldly venturing to break out.  

Selbstporträt before and after.jpeg
01 December 2011 – 28 May 2012   

Dialogue: Schau mir in die Augen   


Exhibition Projects

Chillida Planken_150x100.jpg
01 April – 01 May 2011   

Eduardo Chillida   

Sammlung in den Gemeinden

'La Puerta de la Libertad', a monumental sculpture by the Spanish sculpture Eduardo Chillida, has been enthroned on the site of the former Restaurant Saroja in Planken since last autumn. A selection of related prints is on display in Planken’s community hall.