21 October 2005 – 17 August 2006

BIEDERMEIER IN THE HOUSE OF LIECHTENSTEIN. The Period in the Princely Collections

The collections of the Princes of Liechtenstein not only include masterpieces of the Baroque but also a high-caliber collection of Biedermeier painting and graphic art.

After World War II, and the family's move to Vaduz and the relocation of the collection to the same city, some selected works were presented in individual cameo exhibitions in Lucerne, in New York and Vaduz, respectively. A small selection of objects from the first half of the 19 th century formed part of the opening exhibition of the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna. In many cases the family commissioned and purchased the masterworks directly from the respective artists.

In recent years major works by the great masters have been added. Enchanting paintings by Friedrich von Amerling, Peter Fendi and Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller have added new, fascinating facets to the collection. The acquisition of porcelain from the the Sorgenthal era of the Viennese manufacture does justice to the fact that the holdings were diverse even during the classicism and Biedermeier periods.

The extensive collection of graphic art includes material by the great aquarellists of the time, first and foremost Rudolf von Alt and Thomas Ender, but also Joseph Höger - previously unseen by the public. Complemented by items of period furniture, the Princely Collections represent the most comprehensive picture of this period seen to date.

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Biedermann und Bummelmeier - an epoch in the tension of times

by Johann Kräftner