01 February – 20 April 2008

Surface and Space

Dialogues – this is the form of presentation at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. For this purpose, the works of art are again and again arranged in new combinations with each other. Pleasure in the dialogue stands in the foreground.

The presentation „Surface and Space“ combines, among others, works by artist who are considered to belong to Minimal Art and Post-Minimal Art in the United States. They are works of art and artistic positions, which were intensively studied and discussed during Thomas Schütte’s time at the academy. The question about space, volume, area and in particular line plays a decisive role. But another aspect is exploration of the industrial object not made by hand, which is increasingly asserting itself in virtually all areas of life. The material with all its properties assumes central importance and the question about the relationship between material and intellect?? Geist repeatedly emerges. The focus is on existence and not on illusion.