28 November 2003 – 29 February 2004

A.T. 3D. The Spatial World of André Thomkins

Early in 2002, the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein was able to take on the estate of the Lucerne artist André Thomkins (1930-1983) as a deposit.

Thomkins is not only one of the most important Swiss artists after 1945, but beyond that he constantly crossed the borders between the various international artistic movements from the 1950s until the 1970s. His virtuoso mastery of artistic techniques - also and especially in small format- helped him on the one hand to form highly complex images in the tradition of Mannerism. On the other hand, it was also a means of expoloring unknown artistic possibilities of expression as well as an instrument of an artistic imagination always playfully disposed. Thus innumberable palindromes and anagrams, musical instruments, objects and small sculptures were created and augment Thomkins´s graphic and painterly work.

To start off the first presentation at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, the artist´s son, Nicolas Thomkins, will show a personal selection of his father´s works.

Thomkins 2_150x100.jpg
Thomkins 3_150x100.jpg
Thomkins 4_150x100.jpg
 Thursday, 27 November 2003, 18 h  
Supporting events:
 Sunday, 11 January 2004, 14:30 – 16 h   Families

family sunday

for children from 5 to 10 years and their (grand-)parents

 Thursday, 22 January 2004, 18 h   Speech

André Thomkins - life and work

by Stephan Kunz, co-director Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau

 Saturday, 14 February 2004, 11 – 16 h   Art on Suturday

the almost real world of the swiss André Thomkins

modelbuilding for adults and children from 14 years

 Sunday, 29 February 2004, 15 h   Finissage

\"Anagrammatische Museolosik\"

by Jenison Thomkins