30 May – 25 August 2002

RITA MCBRIDE. Naked Came the Stranger

Exhibition view, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, 2002
Through her art Rita McBride brings the aesthetics of high-tech, speed, sport and modern architecture into the context of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein.

Rita McBride has already created sculptures in many cities throughout the world, including Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin.

Standing invitingly in a white exhibition room is her Arena, a seemingly light-weight structure conveying both dynamism and at the same time a strange anticipation and deficiency. What will happen here? Her streamlined Toyota is made of rattan. What is this form? Where does this material originate? Rita McBride transfers the structure of Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye into the inner space of a museum. Among the other works on show are bronze parking-lots, transformations of sites which typify our civilisation.

Rita McBride engages in a discourse with particular places and the feelings experienced in them. In so doing she questions the stereotypes and appraises the egalitarian character of urban planning and architecture, i.e., serialism and standardisation, not omitting the parameter of industrialisation. The artist inquires about the utopian ideas concerning a new world order that these may be masking. Are they perhaps the source of present-day disorientation and loss of identity? By means of her sculptures Rita McBride provides a platform for questions relating to civilisation and social cohesion, and chiefly concerning the embodiment of an idea.

 Wednesday, 29 May 2002, 18 h  
Supporting events:
 Tuesday, 18 June 2002, 18 h   Reading

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 Sunday, 30 June 2002, 13 h   Special Event

Soccer-WM-Final Germany : Brasil

 Tuesday, 9 July 2002, 15 – 17 h   Artist film

Jeanne Faus

several movies, loop, 8'

 Friday, 12 July 2002, 18 h   Film


by Milos Forman, USa 1979, 119'

 Saturday, 13 July 2002, 15 h   Film

Dogtown and Z-Boys

by Stacy Peralta, USA 2001, 97'

 Monday, 15 July 2002, 18 h   Film

It Happened in Broad Daylight

by Ladislao Vajda, D 1958, 95'

 Saturday, 10 August 2002, 15 h   Artist film

Blick: New Nordic Film and Video 2001

50 videos and movies of the last 5 years by 40 artist from the nordic countries

 Friday, 16 August 2002, 18 h   Concert

Guitarconcert by Leon Koudelak

works by Carlo Domeniconi, David Coverdale, Joaquin Turina, Edouardo Martin, Glenn Hughes