05 March – 27 June 2010

André Thomkins - Pavel Pepperstein - Robert Watts

André Thomkins, bedside lamp, 1969Pavel Pepperstein, The Civilisation of Rolls (4018-4555), 2009Robert Watts, exhibition view, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein 2010André Thomkins, Sugar-Vue Porträt, 1983
“Dialogue” is the form of presentation at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. For this purpose, the artworks are regularly arranged in new combinations with each other. For the current exhibition, the Liechtenstein art museum presents three artists with an outstanding oeuvre.

André Thomkins. oh cet écho
The Swiss artist André Thomkins (1930 – 1985) has produced an exceptionally multifaceted oeuvre that is technically perfect and full of playfulness, pictorial wit, subtly, irony, and depth. Through his engagement with Marcel Duchamp and Surrealism, and motivated by the work and ideas of Paul Klee, the artist Thomkins was an inspirer and his work a corrective for the “abandonment of the picture” in the 1960s. His estate is administered and maintained by the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and his works will be exhibited this year in various presentations.

Pavel Pepperstein. Landscape of the Future
At the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009 Pavel Pepperstein (*1966) installed a space at the Russian Pavilion which confronted the visitor with visions of future memorials and monuments: landscapes of the future, the planet of the riders, the world of speaking clouds, and the city of houses with heads. These graphic visions represent noteworthy signs of a kind that could be left on this earth – or on other planets – in a few hundred or thousand years. The work is now on show in Vaduz.

Robert Watts. Neon Signatures
In 1966 at the legendary Bianchini Gallery in New York, the US American artist Robert (Bob) Watts (1923 –1988) installed signatures of famous artists, including Gustave Moreau, Edouard Manet, Edvard Munch and Marcel Duchamp. With this exhibition Watts, who was one of the first artists to use individually-manufactured coloured neon tubing, initiated an art theoretical discourse on tautology and paradox in art. Some of the luminous signatures from that series are glowing in one of the museum’s exhibition rooms.

Pepperstein 23_150x100.jpg
Pavel Pepperstein, The Civilisation of Rolls (4018-4555), 2009
Robert Watts, Ausstellungsansicht KML, 2010_150x100.JPG
Robert Watts, exhibition view, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein 2010
André Thomkins, Sugar-Vue Porträt, 1983_150_100.JPG
André Thomkins, Sugar-Vue Porträt, 1983
Guided tour
 Thursday, 29 April 2010, 18 h "Der Künstler und seine Wahrheit", with Friedmann Malsch 
 Thursday, 27 May 2010, 18 h with Dagmar Streckel 
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 Thursday, 4 March 2010, 18 h   Special Event


Presentation with works from collection:
"André Thomkins - Pavel Pepperstein - Robert Watts", and
"Sedan objects" at the Museumcafé