05 February – 18 April 2010

Form and Transformation

Exhibtion view 2010, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
Form and Transformation explores how such elements as chance, intuition and sensuality figure as artistic devices within the stringent context of formal composition.

In addition, this presentation shows how the collection of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein has grown over the last two decades, with older and recent acquisitions sharing a trajectory that forms a unified whole.

From its inception, the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein has regularly presented temporary exhibitions in conjunction with the permanent collection. A dialogue results that interrelates the works, and places them in a larger context. The thematic presentations are closely aligned with temporary exhibitions, complementing them, enhancing them and addressing issues raised by the history of art and ideas, as well as fundamental questions of life itself.

The presentation is on disply in two exhibition rooms.