28 August – 21 September 2012

Sonderausstellung: Arte Povera. Das Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein präsentiert Werke aus seiner Sammlung im Neuen Museum Weimar

Installation view. Arte Povera. Aus der Sammlung des Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Neues Museum Weimar
For this year’s exhibition of the Kunstfest Weimar “pèlerinages”, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein was invited to present a selection of works from its holdings of Arte Povera.

Since the museum’s opening twelve years ago, these works have been key to establishing the institution’s international profile, as they have come to represent the world’s most significant collection of this art movement.
The structure of this exhibition on one hand reflects a number of the central thematic lines of Arte Povera. On the other, it is adapted to the specific exhibition spaces, as these form architectural and aesthetic highlights, particularly in regard to the subject matter of the frescoes in the Preller Gallery.
"pèlerinages" Kunstfest Weimar 2012