06 July – 14 October 2012

Dialogue: Rule and Chance

Installation view, Dialogue: Rule and Chance
‘If chance did not exist, the world would be clear, crystalline, immutable; there would be no room for life; life would not exist; the Earth would be dead. Chance is what has allowed the planet to become green—what has made life into a shimmering stream of multitudinous hues, constantly changing and variable.’

Hans Burla, biologist

This presentation of works from the museum collection is devoted to the topic of rule and chance, of order and play. In multifarious ways, the exhibits explore the connections of art with a reality determined by calculations and geometric constructions as well as chance. On display are works by Alighiero Boetti, Gloria Friedmann, Rainer (IMI) Giese, Gottfried Honegger, Wolfgang (IMI) Knoebel, Barry Le Va, Rita McBride, François Morellet, Jessica Stockholder and Otto Zitko.