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10 February – 21 May 2017   

Who Pays?   

"Art = Capital", as Joseph Beuys put it. This succinct formula sums up his understanding of the world: "The only revolutionary force is the power of human creativity."   

09 June – 03 September 2017   


Miljenko Horvat | Marijan Jevšovar | Julije Knifer | Ivan Kožarić | Mangelos | Matko Meštrović | Radoslav Putar | Đuro Seder | Josip Vaništa

In 1959, a number of painters, sculptors, an architect, art critics and art theorists came together in Zagreb (Croatia) to found the GORGONA Group.  

Presentations from the collection of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

21 February – 08 October 2017   

From the collection: Painting – Writing, Sign, Surface   

Since the end of the Second World War, painting has followed various lines of development, on the one hand embarking on new avenues and on the other perpetuating traditional lines of the avant-gardes of the early 20th century.  

Zangs_Peinture Relief_web.jpeg
09 June – 03 September 2017   

From the collection: Europe 1960 – Azimuth, Concrete Art, Nouveau Réalisme, Zero   

This collection presentation on the first floor, room 3 spotlights artistic positions from the milieu of the GORGONA Group.

09 June – 03 September 2017   

From the collection: (No)stories. (No)paintings. (No)metaphors   

This collection presentation is an experimental set-up as part of the GORGONA exhibition intended to put the work of Mangelos in a dialogically disparate context.  

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16 June – 27 August 2017   

From the collection: Anne Marie Jehle   

To mark the eightieth birthday of the artist from Liechtenstein/Vorarlberg (Feldkirch 1937–2000 Vaduz) on 15 December, the Kunstmuseum is presenting the majority of the works of A.M. Jehle held in the collection.   

Exhibition Projects

27 May – 11 June 2017   

Susanne Bosch   

Leftover-Coin-Action – Let's collect our idea-capital

The Leftover-Coin-Action – Let’s collect our idea-capital is a project by artist Susanne Bosch carried out as part of the exhibition Who Pays?. Between the beginning of March and the end of May 2017, two mobile collection points toured from municipality to municipality throughout Liechtenstein.   

08 September – 08 October 2017   

Da war doch was!   

The exhibition explores the perception of people with dementia and the way we consciously deal with our own memories, that may be important at some time in the future.