19 February – 16 May 2016   


Art and Television

The exhibition examines the significance of television for the visual arts and how our visual culture has changed from the 1960s to the present.   

04 March – 01 May 2016   

Jens W. Beyrich   


The artistic works of Jens W. Beyrich arise from a synergy: collecting art and antiques and developing complex equation systems. Mathematics as the universal basis of science and philosophy.   

03 June – 04 September 2016   

Charlotte Moth   

In her work, Charlotte Moth sets out to discover and unearth the special aspects of well-known, familiar things. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein presents the young British artist's work in an extensive solo exhibition.  

Lavier_Walt Disney Production_14_web.jpg
23 September 2016 – 15 January 2017   

Bertrand Lavier   

The works by French artist Bertrand Lavier are brilliant and original, visually appealing and at the same time imbued with sensitive wit.