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Art Calendar 2012

The Agenda planned for 2012 is artistically focussed on collection/accumulation. This subject addresses the basic goal set in the first issue, namely to provide insights into the inventories of the museum, organized by groups of works and individual works by different artists. In that regard the Kunstagenda 2012 asks to what extent collecting in complete oeuvres or certain groups of works still provides a meaningful impulse. Experience shows that not every accumulation of works automatically constitutes a collection, and the selection presented here provides multiple accesses on this subject. It always seems to come as a surprise that by simply shifting the point of view ever so slightly, a significant change in the content can result. This can occur in a humorous but also analytical way.
Publikationen 2012 Agenda.jpg
Insights into our collection
Publisher: Benteli Verlag, 2011
ISBN 978-3-7165-1689-8
Price: CHF 27.80
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