Media Kit

Zu den aktuellen Ausstellungen bieten wir Ihnen jeweils die Presseinformationen sowie einen Überblick über die Pressefotos.

05 April – 01 June 2014   Press Kit

Bury - Honegger - Malin - Sigrist   

The Stein Egerta sculpture garden in Schaan is intimately connected
with the history of the State Art Collection of Liechtenstein and thus with Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein.  

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein_Verwundung und Zuflucht_IA (2)_klein.jpg
21 February – 20 April 2014   Press Kit

Wound and Refuge   

Gender identities, social roles, relationship structures, and thus the associated relation between power and powerlessness are shaped and determined in different ways in culturally different societies. With a selection of artistic positions from the collection of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, the exhibition Wound and Refuge (Verwundung und Zuflucht) weaves an open narrative which sets out to trace these relationship threads.