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Introductions to the Exhibtion for Teachers

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The museum's art education team invites teachers to get to know the current exhibitions and familiarize themselves with the artworks. The main focus is on encountering artistic works, their momentum, and their references to the world, all of which enables links to be formed between different realms of knowledge and different school subjects.

In dialogue form and in combination with practical exercises. methodological advice is given on independent visits to the museum with their respective school classes. These introductions for teachers take place in the first weeks after an exhibition opening.

Christina Jacoby

Free of charge for all teachers

The next scheduled dates:

We 08 June 15:00 – 17:00 

Einführung für Lehrpersonen aller Schulstufen

with Christina Jacoby
In Kooperation mit dem Schulamt Liechtenstein
Kostenlos, mit Anmeldung - für Lehrpersonen aus FL: über das Schulnetz FL; für alle anderen Lehrpersonen direkt über die Museumshomepage