• Family Workshop

    Workshop @home

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  • MARCH 2021
  • Guided tour

    What do we want to keep?
    Works from the Collection

    with Friedemann Malsch

    Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein starts its 2021 exhibition programme with a major collection display featuring numerous works that have never been on show before.


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  • One Hour

    US-amerikanische Künstlerpositionen innerhalb der Sammlung des Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

    with Henrik Utermöhle

    For one hour we focus on fundamental questions of art history. Based on selected artworks we will be taking a look at aspects of art history, examining developments, focusing on topics, and exploring what art can give us for our personal world of experience

    Each Sunday focuses on one selected topic.
    Events can be attended separately.
    There are no guided tours during school holidays in Liechtenstein.

    Guided tours are in German.


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  • Introduction for Teachers

    What do we want to keep? Werke aus der Sammlung
    Aus der Sammlung: Regina Marxer
    Man weiss nicht, ob das, was man erfindet, einen nicht auch erfindet

    mit Susanne Kudorfer und Klara Frick
    In Kooperation mit dem Schulamt Liechtenstein.

    The programme is available in German only.

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  • Guided tour

    From the collection: Regina Marxer
    You do not know whether what you invent also invents you

    with Christiane Meyer-Stoll

    Guided tours are in German.


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