Nora Turato (* 1991 in Zagreb, Croatia) scripts powerful narratives from text fragments gleaned from advertising, social media and everyday life.

Insistent and provocative, the melodic language she uses is similar to song lyrics. The texts confront us with the clichés of our lifestyles and their effects.

Turato's text scripts are the basis for posters, wall texts, videos, audio works and spoken word performances. The artist addresses the media's influence on human relationships and our dependency on technological devices. Consumer behaviour, commodity circulation paths and waste production are other aspects of equal importance. The various media employed by Turato overlap each other and challenge traditional conventions. At the opening and during the exhibition, the artist will stage several of her internationally acclaimed performances at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein.

The exhibition is part of a series showcasing outstanding young artists with extensive museum exhibitions. A production of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein curated by Fabian Flückiger.



Thursday, 21 February, 6pm (opening) | Friday, 22 February, 2pm | Saturday, 23 February, 2pm | Sunday, 24 February, 11am

Thursday, 28 March, 6pm | Friday, 29 March, 2pm | Saturday, 30 March, 2pm | Sunday, 31 March, 11am

Thursday, 16 May, 6pm | Friday, 17 May, 2pm | Saturday, 18 May, 2pm | Sunday, 19 May, 11am

  • Opening
  • Thu, 21.2.2019